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How Window World Windows Provide Hurricane Weather Protection

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As we approach summer, and hurricane season along with it, the quality of your windows becomes more important than ever. Between all of the buzzwords on the market (like “hurricane proof”), it can be a little difficult to determine which window is right for you. For this reason, Window World hurricane windows offer you the best safety, durability and longevity around. Here’s what you need to know when thinking about weather considerations, what to look for in hurricane windows and more. 

Local Weather Risks

Like most places near the water, the Beaumont area has its weather challenges. When it comes to protecting your home from hurricanes, you need impact-resilient windows. While no window is 100% hurricane-proof, these are the next-best thing. 

How Hurricane Resistant Windows Help

What does being a hurricane-resistant window really mean? Let’s get into what sets Window World apart in this space. 

Heavy-Duty Design

hurricane window being hit by sledge hammer

Our hurricane impact windows use only the best-of-the-best double-pane, thick glass. This helps ensure an unparalleled amount of insulation, water resistance and air infiltration. They also have a reinforced frame for withstanding impact. This enables them to resist level five hurricanes (even those with 155 mph winds). As an added bonus, they even work with hurricane shutters. So no matter if it’s wind, water or even flying debris you’re dealing with, you can feel protected. 

Quality Materials

impact window locks close up

Our windows are rigorously tested to meet/exceed the ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials) performance standards. They can even potentially be made with tempered glass, so you don’t deal with sharp glass shards if one ever cracks. Plus, every window is backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty

Benefits Beyond Safety

While safety is the core concern, there are even more great perks that come with these windows. This includes:

Have Safety and Comfort All in One Package With Window World

If you’ve been dealing with old, damaged and/or drafty windows, now’s the time to make a change. With Window World windows, you can weather whatever your home goes through. Besides, investing in better windows is cheaper than paying for damages without them. To get started with better windows, request your free estimate today.